Amazon hit badly by new India e-commerce rules

The introduction of new e-commerce rules in India has led to widespread disruption on Amazon's local site which was forced to take down its grocery service as well as remove a number of products such as sunglasses and floor cleaners from its store.
India's new regulations went into effect at midnight on Thursday and the US e-commerce giant began removing products a few hours ahead of the deadline.
Back in December, the country changed its foreign direct investment rules for its growing e-commerce sector and the move has drawn fire from Amazon as well as Walmart as the companies look to expand their online presences in India.
The new e-commerce investment rules prohibit online retailers from selling products from vendors in which they have an equity interest and making deals with sellers to sell exclusively on a platform is no longer allowed as well.

Empty pantry
In addition to the removal of products sold by Amazon vendors like Cloudtail, the company's grocery service, ..


iMac 2019: release date, news and rumors

A new iMac is bound to hit the market eventually, and we’d love to see an iMac in 2019. Because, shortly after the iMac 2017 came out, backed with 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors, the chip manufacturer released its 8th-generation Coffee Lake chips – followed by the 9th-generation Coffee Lake Refresh CPUs in 2018. So, the iMac is currently two generations behind the curve when it comes to silicon, but we thin, the iMac 2019 could level the playing field.
Following the surprise announcement for the MacBook Pro 2018, we may see the same happen with the iMac 2019. We previously heard speculation that the iMac 2018 would be among the Macs Apple would release in late 2018, but when the Mac Mini 2018 and the new MacBook Air launched, that was obviously false.
Instead, Apple will likely stay quiet about the iMac 2019 until it’s ready to release the all-in-one. Until we hear more about a new iMac from Apple, be sure to keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll keep it updated with all the l..


Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti release date, news and rumors

Do you find the price tags of Nvidia’s new Turing-based RTX graphics cards so high, they induce a mild bout of vertigo? Even Nvidia itself has admitted that poor sales of RTX GPUs have been down to the fact that some folks are waiting for prices to drop with the higher-end models.
However, if it’s affordability you want, then another more tempting Turing option could be in the works with the rumored GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. This purported graphics card may drop the ray tracing technology – hence the GTX branding, rather than RTX – in order to become a more wallet-friendly Turing GPU option.
The GTX 1660 Ti name might sound rather improbable – and seemingly plucked out of nowhere – but evidence surrounding the existence of this graphics card has been mounting as of late.
Nvidia has been long rumored to introduce some kind of non-ray tracing alternative to its more expensive RTX models, and it seems increasingly likely that this will be the GTX 1660 Ti – possibly alongside a vanilla GTX 166..


The best browsers for Android 2019

When you're browsing the internet on your Android phone, it's easy to opt for either your phone manufacturer's default browser or Chrome (if they aren't one and the same). It can certainly be convenient, typing everything together neatly with your Google account, but there's a wealth of other Android browsers out there, including some that may be a better fit for you.
Several of the browsers we've looked at here are specially designed to be as lightweight as possible (something Chrome isn't particularly well known for), making browsing faster and easier on less powerful phones.
Other browsers are privacy-focused, making sure you leave no trace once you finish a browsing session, and blocking any tracking cookies that may otherwise allow advertisers to follow you around the web.
Tempted? All these mobile browsers are free, so download any that take your fancy and take them for a spin. They might change the way you surf forever.

Image credit: TechRadar..


France vs Wales live stream: how to watch Six Nations 2019 rugby online from anywhere

The Six Nations 2019 is here to pit the biggest, the baddest and the best rugby nations in the world against each other on the field of battle, ahem, we mean play. This year adds an extra flavour as after the action is over the teams will go on to the Rugby World Cup later in 2019. So the pressure to perform now, and set the precedent for what's to come, is high. Good news – you can live stream all the Six Nations rugby action from anywhere you are in the world using this guide, starting with France vs Wales.
In last year's match between Wales and France, the team in red took the win with a tight 14-13 final score after a bit of a disjointed game. Since then Warren Gatland's side has gone from strength to strength having won their last nine games in a row. Gatland has said: “We're in a good place in terms of competition in the squad and being able to cope a lot better than in the past in terms of picking up injuries – and mentally, we're in a good place too.”


BT’s best broadband deals are gone – so what should you go for instead?

BT usually blows us away with the amount of freebies and incentives it chucks in with its broadband deals, but this week they seem to be lacking. Gone are the tempting BT Sport add-ons and gratis Amazon Prime sub and what we're left with just isn't as good. Don't get us wrong…BT Broadband is still one of the best value options out there thanks to its super fast speeds and bountiful prepaid Mastercards, but it's currently well worth taking a look at what other deals you can get.
We've listed our top picks for broadband deals down below. They range from affordable fibre options to the cheapest ADSL internet available. Our favourite of the bunch is Vodafone's super cheap fibre for just £20 – you won't get any cheaper than that for fibre right now.
And if you reach the end of the list and still find yourself unsure about what to go for, then use our postcode tracker below to see what's available where you are and compare all of the best options.


Audi Q8: when coupé meets SUV

It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect that as the numerical component in the names of a series of cars increases, the cars get larger. Take Audi's Q series of SUVs: there's the entry-level Q2, a slightly larger Q3, and a slightly larger Q5 that's then dwarfed by the seven-seat Q7. Following this logic, then, the new Q8 should be about the size of a small ocean-going cruise ship.
In fact, despite the Q8 sitting at the top of Audi's SUV range, it's actually a touch smaller than the Q7, and designed to combine the elegance of a four-door coupé with the raised driving position of a SUV. This means that while it doesn't offer quite the same functionality as the more practical seven-seat Q7, the five-seat Q8 promises a bit more luxury, and more space for passengers.

More practical than you'd think
Let's start with the looks. The Q8 is dominated by its large front grille, which contributes to a fairly imposing design. It certainly doesn't la..


AWS now makes up more than half of Amazon’s revenues

Amazon's early investment in cloud continues to pay off as AWS' revenue jumped by 45 percent during Q4 2018, further cementing its lead over rivals Microsoft and Google.
The company's cloud division managed to beat analysts' estimates and saw increased sales that reached $7.43bn which is up from $5.11bn a year ago.
AWS now represents 10 percent of Amazon's total quarterly sales and its cloud business has become crucial to the success of its parent company.
The company's operating income for the quarter was $2.18bn and it helped account for 58 percent of Amazon's overall operating income. At the same time, AWS' operating margin shrank from 31 percent during Q3 to 29 percent in Q4.

Cloud growth
During the company's quarterly earnings call, Amazon's CFO Brian Olsavsky explained the reason for AWS' continued success, saying:
“We are getting more and more creative around getting efficiency up and getting our cost of acquisition down.”..


Best dash cam 2019: 10 car-ready cameras for peace of mind

It's never a bad idea to have a dash cam mounted in your car – you never know when you'll need footage from your windshield.
Finding the best dash cam in 2019 can feel overwhelming; there are so many models out there, and many companies make more than one.
But, once you find the best dash cam for you, it can be one of the most crucial bits of tech you own, coming in handy in the event of an accident, or in case something really amazing happens on the road that helps you become YouTube famous.
We've sifted through some of the top dash cams to nail down the very best dash cameras for 2019. It's important to point out that dash cams are much more than GoPros mounted on your car's dashboard; these are car-ready cameras that perform some critical functions and can even help you save time and money that would be better spent going back into your vehicle.
Whether used to provide evidence to your insurance company or help you avoid paying for a crash-for-cash scheme,..


Hurry! The best SIM only deal ever ends on Monday – grab it before it goes

Just one week ago, Three brought back a Black Friday deal which we can only describe as the best SIM only deal we've ever seen. OK, that might sound a tad bit dramatic…but it's true!
Since the deal re-hit the virtual shelves it has been selling like the proverbial warm buns, and now there are only a couple of days left until we'll very sadly have to say goodbye to this deal again.
This Three tariff is offering up unlimited data, calls and texts for just £20 per month and there are still a few days left to get it. You have until Monday January 4 to grab this staggering SIMO but we would advise you hurry. There really is no catch here – simply the best SIM only deal we've ever seen.
If you're excited about this deal as we are (and we really can't see any reason you wouldn't be!) then you can see all of the details down below and discover why this Three SIM is such a good choice.

Three's best ever SIM only deal in full: Why go for a Three SIM on..