Star spangled glamour: the mission to make space travel cooler than ever before

In all of human history, never have the faraway wonders of the galaxy felt closer to us than they do today, thanks to the ongoing advances in spacefaring technologies that science continues to make. Why, then, should there be any need to make space travel cool and sexy?
First, let’s be clear about what we mean by sexy. Simply put: sexy sells. Whether it’s soft drinks, skateboards, or hair straighteners, being able to make the idea of something in some way attractive is what makes people want to buy into it.
So when we talk about the prospect of space exploration, that’s clearly something you can’t go and pick up from the supermarket, or order through an online store.
For the majority of the public, space doesn’t matter much beyond being a romantic backdrop for a kiss under the stars. So why should space matter to them?
We saw this recently with Elon Musk's reveal of the official SpaceX spacesuit. It's nothing like the bulky suits of the past but a cool, slick-looking desi..


Designing vehicles that drive, fly — and swim

When Crystal Winston was in elementary school, she carried around a notebook to jot down her ideas for new tools or machines. She was determined to become an inventor. Her dad nudged her in a more practical direction.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if inventor is a job,’” she laughs. “‘But maybe you could do mechanical engineering.’”

Now, a decade or so later, Winston has taken her dad’s advice to heart. This June, she’ll complete her degree in mechanical engineering. She is also one of five MIT students to receive the prestigious Marshall Scholarship, which provides two years of funding toward a graduate degree in the United Kingdom. And the field she’s going to study is not exactly traditional.

“When I applied for the Marshall, I pitched this whole idea that I was going to make a cool ecosystem of autonomous, flying, swimming cars,” she says.

A robot-driven future

Winston’s thesis, a project she started her sophomore year, was based on a revolutionary idea. She recalls being ..


Facebook looking to restrict livestreams, open to more regulation

It's not been an easy couple of years for Facebook in terms of user privacy and data security and everything else, but the giant social network seems determined to start sorting out at least some of its problems.
TechCrunch reports on an open letter published by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, in which she says the platform is “exploring restrictions” for limiting who can launch livestreams.
The letter comes in response to the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, which was streamed live over Facebook by the perpetrators.

A Facebook bug exposed private photosTrack your usage of social mediaFacebook is testing a new interface
Facebook is ready to support the grieving community in New Zealand, Sandberg says, and will be taking further steps to address hate speech on its platform – although she didn't go into too much detail about what that would involve.

Increased regulation
In a separate op-ed in the Washington Post, Facebook founder and Chief Executi..


Best document scanning apps of 2019

Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digital world, many organizations still print out important documents on paper – whether it be a letter, contract, bank statement, invoice, receipt or educational handout.
Some people still rely heavily on paper, too, because they don’t have access to the internet. But this is only a minority of folks, with estimates suggesting that just 10% of British homes and 11% of American homes aren’t connected to the internet.
At any rate, there is still a lot of paper around, and managing it all can be challenging. Most of us end up misplacing important physical documents at one time or another.
But technology, as it often does, can save the day in the form of document scanning apps. With these, it’s possible to scan paper-based items such as letters, receipts and contracts using the camera of your mobile device.
You can then keep them safe and stored on the cloud for future use. The other benefit of this sort of software is that it lets you sen..


The Sega Genesis Mini gets a release date and a price

We've known for some time now that Sega was planning on releasing a Genesis Mini retro console, but up until now details have been thin on the ground. We do now finally have a release date for the box: September 19.
Kotaku reports that the announcement was made on stage at Sega Fes 2019. The Sega Genesis Mini will hit stores in the US for $79.99 – that's roughly £60 or AU$115, though we don't have the official international pricing yet.
The US version of the console is going to differ from the device sold in Japan, which will be take the Mega Drive name like the original console (Genesis was a rebadging done for the US market).

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Apparently the US version of the retro gaming box will come with three-button controllers that connect via USB. The Japanese version is set to ship with six-button controllers. Again, there's no news on which version will hit Eu..


Our solar system’s violent past

When we look at the planets and moons of our solar system today, it would be very easy to be fooled into thinking that everything always looked this way. But over the past few years, scientists have learned to their surprise that the solar system used to look very different indeed. Below we'll list some of the shocking discoveries that show how a series of violent events shaped our solar into what we see today.

Image credit: NASA; JPL-Caltech
1. When Theia smashed into Earth The question of how the moon formed has long been an argument among astronomers, but evidence over the past few years points to a dramatic answer: that it was formed by a direct collision with Earth by another planet.
The Giant Impact Hypothesis states that within the first 100 million years or so after the Earth formed (4.5 billion years ago), a planet around the size of Mars directed impacted it.
Known as Theia, this small planet was completely obliterated by the collision. Earth fared little better, wit..


Orioles vs Yankees MLB live stream 2019: how to watch today’s baseball from anywhere

Spring training is over – regular season MLB baseball is finally back! And in New York today sees the Yankees take on the franchise from nearby Baltimore. With a huge Opening Day win for the Yankees, the Orioles will be looking to strike back quickly on the first Saturday of the 2019 regular season. Find out who will win with an Orioles vs Yankees live stream today.
It's now been 10 years since the Yankees last won a World Series and their players and fans alike will be desperate to go back to the top of the MLB tree. Aaron Judge will be the man with so many hopes on his shoulders, and he didn't disappoint on the Opening Day with three runs from two hits in a convincing win.
Orioles fans may feel like they have a long season ahead after their only 2018 All-Star shortstop Manny Machado left for the San Diego Padres. And the 7-2 defeat in game one of the Yankee Stadium series won't have lifted their spirits one iota.
Keep reading to see the best ways to get an Orioles vs ..


New remote and gamepad tipped for the Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV was one of the first Android TV boxes to hit the market and it remains one of the best. Nvidia has continued to push a steady stream of updates out for the device, and it looks like another is in the pipeline.
XDA Developers reports that the Shield's latest code refers to a controller called “Stormcaster” and a remote called “Friday”, which may be replacements for the current input devices that are available for the Shield TV.
The Shield TV box got a refresh in 2017 but the controller and remote remain the same as they were back in 2015 when the box first appeared (you get the remote included and the gamepad is an optional extra).

We're ready for Apple TV+Nvidia develops AI systems tooSamsung shows off its new TVs
That means these devices are overdue an upgrade and it looks as though new hardware might be imminent. There might even be a whole new Nvidia Shield TV box on the way.

“Active vs inactive”
The names mentioned in the code don't tell us too..


This incredible Mate 20 Pro offer beats all Huawei P30 Pro deals out there

With all the Huawei P30 Pro hype we've seen this week, it's been easy to forget about all of the other brilliant Huawei phone deals out there. Well we certainly haven't forgotten about Huawei's other flagships yet, and through a little bit of digging, we found a Huawei Mate 20 Pro deal that leaves P30 Pro prices in its wake.
Yep, this ridiculous Mate 20 Pro offer could well change your mind from grabbing those P30 Pro deals you've been coveting. Coming in at a tiny monthly cost of just £24 and upfront spend of just over £100, we've never seen the Mate 20 Pro this cheap. It doesn't even scrimp on data or have some convoluted clause to justify the price.
This contract is so cheap in fact, that the nearest P30 Pro deal to it will cost you £400 more over the two years. So it's probably a bit of a no-brainer.
You can see this deal in full below, but we wouldn't hang around too long as you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out on this kind..


The great ad-space race: the history of space advertising

There are very few places left in the world that advertising hasn’t poked its unwelcome way into – and no one knows that better than advertisers. While most have switched from trying to find new spaces in the real world to hawking stuff in the virtual one (try clothes in VR! Buy a holographic Coke!), some are gazing at the night sky, and thinking “wouldn’t that look better with a massive logo in the middle?”.
The benefits of advertising in space are manifold: the ad would be visible to enormous swathes of people for considerable amounts of time, it would be noticeable to anyone who looked upwards for any reason, and despite the costs of venturing into space, the size and noticeability of the ad could make it cheaper, eyeball-for-eyeball, than some more traditional formats.
As US Congressman Jim Jeffords put it in 1993: “If advertisers are willing to pay $1.7 million for a minute of ad time during the Super Bowl, it's frightening to imagine how much they might pay to have their ad ..