The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in half a dozen colors, and here they are

Samsung has officially unveiled its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, and it packs top-tier specs and cutting-edge features. As folks line up to buy the year’s first huge Android phone, they’ll have a choice to make: what color will you pick?
There’s a plethora of hues to choose from, but as always, availability may vary depending on where you’re shopping. US consumers, for example, won’t be able to pick up the Galaxy S10 in the Prism Green or Canary Yellow colors.
Of course, there’s no difference in performance between the colors – it’s just how you’d like your phone to look. Though people might be more impressed with two hues coming only to high-specced versions of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Ceramic White and Ceramic Black, so phone wonks in the know may give you a bit more respect.
But there’s plenty of power to go around in the standard Galaxy S10 and its plethora of color choices.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Black The first Galaxy S10 color is Prism Black, ..


Amazon Prime Day in Australia: What to expect during Prime Day 2019

While Amazon Prime Day is now a well-established annual bargain-hunting phenomenon in overseas markets, Australia has had just the one so far. That’s because Amazon entered the Australian e-commerce market late, arriving Down Under in December 2017 to an underwhelming response.
Despite that, Amazon made every attempt to quickly improve its catalogue of products and has expanded its warehouse network by adding a second one in Sydney.
With its Aussie ambitions growing, Amazon finally debuted Prime Day Down Under in 2018, offering some excellent bargains across every category to its Prime members.
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All the phones you can use on AT&T 5G

While all carriers have been excited about 5G networks, AT&T went a bit overboard by rebranding its advanced 4G tech (delivering ‘5G-equivalent speeds’ via millimeter wave) as the misleading “5GE” (for 5G Evolution), which led Sprint to sue AT&T.
In any case, the latter carrier does have plans to implement true sub-6 GHz 5G across its network this year – so what phones will you be able to use on it?
Per a press release, AT&T planned to roll out 5G in 12 smaller cities by the end of 2018: Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C. Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Fla., Louisville, Ky., Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Raleigh, N.C., San Antonio and Waco, Texas.
In the first half of 2019, the carrier expects to expand this to nine cities in large markets: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, Calif. Two more cities, Minneapolis and Chicago, have been added to this year’s list. By early 2020, the company hopes to reach nationwide 5G coverage in North A..


If Disney controls Hulu, the streaming service could go global

A new report suggests Disney is considering an investment in Hulu, the US-only streaming TV and movie service. If the report is correct and the investment materializes, it could allow Disney CEO Bob Iger to follow through on his plan to roll out the streaming service out to the rest of the world.
But, before you cancel your Netflix subscription, a few things need to happen – starting with any proof of the report of Disney buying AT&T’s stake in Hulu being true.

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Right now, AT&T and its subsidiary Warner Media own around 10% of the streaming service, but Variety broke the news that it is looking to sell that to the House of Mouse for a potentially large sum of money (around $930 million).
That money would theoretically help pay down AT&T’s reportedly staggering business debt of around $183 billion (£138 billion, AU$..


Huawei MateBook 14 vs Huawei MateBook X Pro: which laptop is best for you?

During MWC 2019, Huawei announced not one, but two fresh laptops for 2019: a refresh of the Huawei MateBook X Pro and the brand-new Huawei MateBook 14. However, looking at the two laptops’ spec sheets, they’re nearly identical – save for some key differences.
Naturally, these differences lead to some even more important differences: price. Depending on what you’re looking for from a luxury laptop, you could either get shortchanged by some missing features or end up severely overspending.
While all of the pricing we have available at the time of writing is in Euros, we expect these general differences in pricing between models to largely translate across regions. So, here’s a primer for both the brand-new Huawei MateBook 14 and refreshed MateBook X Pro for 2019.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro's keyboard webcam.
Design Luckily, this is likely to the be the easiest part of this decision, as both laptops are nearly identical in shape, size, look and feel. Both laptops come in your choice..


Tetris 99 and the best free Nintendo Switch games

With over 1,000 games on the Nintendo Switch, there can be a daunting amount of titles to choose from – and often more than your poor wallet can handle. So where better to start than with some free games.
But, with just over 25 games that are actually free to play on the Switch, there’s considerably less garbage to sift through compared to say the smartphone market. Indeed, many either have pretty pristine production values or won't insidiously ask you to cough up cash every other minute, and we daresay a few stand out as some of the best games on the system, period. Who says the best things in life aren’t free?
From battle royales to MOBAs to a surprise RPG, we’ve rounded up a list of the best free Nintendo Switch games you can play right now.
Image credit: Epic Games
The biggest gaming phenomenon in the world, Fortnite needs no introduction. This battle royale sees 100 players dropping onto an island where you'll to fight to the death alone, in pairs, groups or ..


Developers enjoying higher UK paychecks

Learning to code is certainly paying off for UK developers who earn 145 percent more than the country's average pay of £29k according to new research from Hired.
The career marketplace's new global State of Software Engineers Report 2019 has revealed that the UK's top developers embedded engineers, earn an average of £71k.
However, the US is still a more profitable place to work for skilled coders with the top paid developers in San Francisco's Bay Area earning 66 percent more than their UK counterparts with an average annual salary of £118k.

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Hired's report also shed light on the fact that global demand for blockchain skills is up by 517 percent compared to this time last year.

High demand for developers
While blockchain engineers are in highest demand, security engineers are al..


Thunderclap hack makes Macs and PCs with Thunderbolt ports vulnerable

If you’ve bought a recently released MacBook, Windows laptop or really any PC equipped with a Thunderbolt port, there’s a new vulnerability you should watch out for.
The new vulnerability has been dubbed Thunderclap and it could leave computers open to serious attacks such as running malicious code on your system. This is on top of the usual, unwarranted access to important data like passwords, encryption keys and any other sensitive data stored on your system.
It’s really bad news mainly because Thunderbolt’s protocols are designed with OS-level access and direct-memory access (DMA) to support high-speed data transfer, video out and its other myriad features. This vulnerability takes advantage of all that high-level access to do more harm.

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According to the group of researchers that announced Thundercla..


Retailers facing more bot attacks than ever

From May to December of last year, hackers directed credential abuse attempts at retail sites more than 10bn times according to new research from Akamai.
The firm's 2019 State of the Internet / Security: Retail Attacks and API Traffic report shed light on the fact that the retail industry was the most targeted segment by hackers while also highlighting the prevalence of API-call traffic on the web and the misrepresentation of Ipv6-based traffic.
Akamai studied the credential abuse technique known as credential stuffing for its report and examined how hackers have begun to employ botnets to steal login credentials from retail websites. These stolen credentials are used to compromise accounts from which hackers acquire retail merchandise and resell it for cash.

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According to the report, the AIO bots deployed by hackers are multi-function to..


Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: all the post-launch content coming in 2019

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s DLC is coming. While not everyone will feel a need to add to the game’s already towering roster of fighters, those who can’t get enough of their Smash Bros fix will be waiting to pounce on the additional fighters, outfits, soundtracks and more coming their way in 2019.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the biggest, and possibly the best, Smash Bros fighting game to grace our Nintendo consoles. Packed to bursting with over 100 stages, 74 starting fighters, and a dedicated single-player mode alongside tons of co-op content, and there’s never been as much Smash Bros to enjoy in one place.
Not content to rest on its laurels, though, it’s clear Nintendo has big plans for Smash Bros UItimate beyond its recent launch. You don’t put all that work into one game just to replace it two or three years in, after all – and Nintendo will be hoping to keep players buying and playing their title well into the next decade if they can.
So what downloadable content / DLC can players..